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The company is pioneering the next-generation of learning games for people under 10 years old.

I am loving this site! It's really great and I can easily see how it could be effective with homeschooling my children.
Shirley P., Parent

Teachers LOVE the program. I have two schools using this program and competing against each other, in different counties in Florida.
Christina D., Teacher, Florida

I found with a small informal test that my students improved their scores by just using BrainNook 2-3 times per week!
April P., Teacher, Missouri

Students are working on much more effective strategies that are more directly tied to what we are working on.
Ben F., Teacher, California

BrainNook sounds like a great thing to have available to teachers for extra credit.

Assignments have helped my students get better at multiplication and fractions.
Leah H., Teacher, New York

Listed, "Top 10 Educational Game Sites"
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An easy way to get my daughter to learn something without her getting bored!
Clara P., Parent

A great thing to have available to teachers for extra credit.

We made accounts in Math class today and right when I came home from school I started to play again!
Alice C., 9

A clever approach that is sure to improve efficiency and have a positive cumulative effect.

Probably the best Math website I have ever visited.
John R., 10

BrainNook: A smarter, more engaging alternative to Club Penguin?

A brilliant virtual world for elementary students.

I've shared the website with my first graders' parents, and others via Facebook, Twitter, and word of mouth!
Joan B., teacher

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